Vimax Scam? Read This Before You Buy

vimax scamSince there are hundreds of different products in the internet that are promising you heaven on Earth, questions like “is this product a scam” are absolutely normal, so here we try to answer if Vimax pills is a scam or not, and how to make sure you’re ordering authentic Vimax pills.

Scam Red Alert Factors

What are the typical signs of a scam male enhancement pills?

  • Unrealistic claims and promises

Here you can spot products that offer so called “free trial”, like 15-day or 30-day supply of their pills. In fact, once you submit your credit card details, you are automatically signed up for the monthly rebills that usually are very hard to stop! Many people never got the trial bottle, and were rebilled monthly until they had to block their credit card.

  • No clinical tests and independent medical endorsements

Since male enhancement pills are the product that affects your body functions, the formula should be not only created by medical professionals, but also clinically tested to prove it’s effects. In many pills, you never find a single report or other information on clinical trials and endorsement from the medics. Such products have a strong scam rating – try to avoid them!

  • No exact name of the distributor and it’s physical address

Among the miracle promises to enlarge your penis in 3 weeks you’ll never find any company name and it’s physical address. There’s a reason for this – this company probably doesn’t want to build a long term service, and distributes low quality products. Avoid such products.

  • Very tricky Terms & Conditions

Have you ever read terms and conditions on the sites where you are going to buy product? What stands behind the money back guarantees, if any? Are you sure you’ll get ALL you money back? If the company offers refund guarantees, it should let you know all the details, or state that it’s unconditional – so you simply ask for the refund and get it back to your credit card.

If there are a lot of negative feedback on the sites like and similar – this is a definite sign that the product is not a high quality but plain sawdust that doesn’t work.

Now What About Vimax Pills?

fake vimax pills

Here’s how FAKE Vimax pills look like – be sure to buy from official website for genuine product!

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