Vimax Pills Results

What Results to Expect from Taking Vimax pills and When?

There are a lot of questions from men interested in Vimax male enhancement like “When do I see results from taking Vimax pills?”

What you need to understand is that all men are different, and results definitely vary. It means that your neighbor might feel hardened erections after 2 weeks on Vimax, and you can only see improvement in erection hardness after the month.

It’s absolutely normal! Please take that into account and don’t think that if you are not seeing results in the first 2 weeks that means Vimax doesn’t work at all.

In order to achieve significant penis enlargement and overall sexual enhancement, you need to take Vimax pills for 3 to 6 months. For the supplement, it’s a real time frame that is needed to make changes in your penis size.

vimax pills enhancement results

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Faster results are possible – if you combine Vimax pills with Vimax extender. This solution is great for men that are comfortable wearing penis stretching device on penis.

Don’t worry, since penis extenders are created by medical professionals and it’s a proven method of penis enlargement, unlike penis pumps and weight hanging techniques that are very dangerous for your penis tissues and vessels.

Clinical Tests Show What Results Typically Come First

After the clinical tests Vimax is proven to bring results to the major group of tested patients according to the scheme:

Month 1

During the 1st month with 1 daily intake of Vimax pills, most of the men noticed increase erections longevity. Erections became harder and more prolonged than before.

2nd Month

The effects of Vimax kept increasing erection hardness and also increase is sexual desire and overall sexual power was noticed by over 60% of the tested group. Around 10% of the tested men also noticed the slight growth in penis thickness (due to improved blood flow to the penis blood chambers).

vimax before and after pictures

3rd and 4th Months

These months with a daily dosage of Vimax gave over 50% of men an increase in penis length and girth. For most of the men, an increase was around 1 inch in length and over 15% in penis girth.

The erections became solidly strong and these are the months when most men reported a huge boost in self confidence and overall mood due to the significantly positive changes in their sexual abilities.

vimax pills before and after

Months 5 to 6

During these months the average penis growth was up to 2 inches in length and up to 25% in penis girth. Flaccid penis also looked bigger according to the majority of patients’ reports.

The energy levels and sexual endurance potential also grew up. For several patients, penis growth achieved 2.5 inches in length and 27% in penis girth. One man reported 3 inches growth in penis length.

Vimax Results Conclusion

Again, Vimax is not a miracle pill that promises you super fast results, and eventually you get sawdust in a bottle instead. This is a medically approved product and it takes several months to see results. Don’t jump on catchy promises! Use your common sense, and just be serious about penis enlargement.

Have you ever heard of the women-giraffes from the Pa-duang tribes in Polynesia1? They wear circles on their neck thus making the neck so long that is even looks impossible. The same principle of tissue stretching is used in the modern penis extenders.

Penis enlargement is possible, and it’s not that complicated at all! But you have to be patient and after just 4-6 months your dream of bigger penis and maximum sexual potential will become reality.

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