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Permanent Penis Enlargement Under $100 Is Real With Vimax Extender

Penis extender device is a medical advancement based on the principles of traction known from the ancient times. Women in Pa-Duang tribes in Polynesia, also known as “women-giraffes” are using this traction principle to achieve unbelievable extension of their necks.

This same traction principle is also used in the orthopedic science to fix curved bones. Until the late 90s, penis extension devices were also used in medicine to fix penis curvatures, also known as Peyronies disease. Penis extension devices also helped after penis enlargement surgeries.

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vimax penis extender

How A Penis Enlargement Breakthrough Happened

Surgeons that prescribed penis devices after the penis enlargement surgeries are tracking their patients carefully, since this operation is not easy and has a lot of side effects. During several years, medics collected enough data from their patients to see the interesting pattern in their patients’ penis size – due to the use of penis extenders – penis size increased additionally by 1.5-3 inches!

This was not uncommon among lots of men who undergone penis enlargement surgery. If surgery gave only 1-1.5 inches enlargement in the best case, penis extenders proved to be a lot more effective than the surgery itself!

This is the most amazing fact that many plastic surgeons are hiding from you… Since you don’t need them anymore. All you need is a high quality penis extender and if you want to achieve maximum male enhancement results, pills as addon.

What Makes Vimax Extender Different From Other Extenders?

After the clinical research has become accessible to the public, several companies that manufactured penis extenders, have significantly raised the prices for their products and made penis extenders available to the public.

Since extenders are proven and probably the most effective method of penis enlargement (even better than pills) – these companies (and Vimax was among them) started to get crazy profits selling their devices at the price that was a lot bigger than the production costs. So, if you scan the internet for penis extenders, you’ll find a lot of high quality penis extenders for $200+ prices, and up to $600!

There also appeared a lot of scam companies that produce their penis extenders from the low quality materials that mimic high quality brands, but never stack up to their standards. Please stay away from these!

Vimax extender initially sold for $298.95 until Pillsexpert (Vimax products manufacturer) decided to make it more affordable to most of the men after the world crisis happened in 2008. Now the cost of Vimax extender is only $99.95, and this is the unique value for the price you pay. No other extender offers such a small price simply because they make a lot of money due to the overprice.

Vimax extender is clinically proven to:

  • Reduce penis curvatures up to 70%
  • Enlarge penis up to 3 inches in length and 25% in girth
  • Bring PERMANENT penis enlargement results

If you are looking for permanent results, you should seriously consider Vimax extender – with the allergen-free and top grade medical materials and full 6-months money back guarantee, this is your best choice!

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